Saturday, February 28, 2009

This one actually quite simple. Group a few rectangles and wipe from bottom. For each group of rectangles, varies the speed setting of their animation..

Two circles. Move one set of circles using custom path. Animate another set of circles using faded zoom.

Change the path setting in custom path so our circles will move smoothly.

Objects in this galaxy are cirles and stars. Faded Zoom the circles , flash bulb and spin the stars. Work in groups of circles and groups of stars.

Like usuals, always play with timing speed and repetition for each animation.

This animation contains 2 stars which moved in opposite direction of each other. In timing for each object, play with speed and repetition. Combine spin and flash bulb animation simultaneously....

Friday, February 27, 2009

Got another project assigned to me....To develop Sekolah Sukan Negeri Multimedia Presentation apart from the current Official Multimedia Presentation School which has not yet started. I'm still looking for the right theme and right mood for this year School Multimedia Presentation....

Today Animation in Action is : Circling Coins

Tips : play with the timing and effect in Custom Animation.


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